JLS - 'Janitor Log-in Systems' ™

JLS – ‘Janitor Log-in Systems’ ™

Janitorial Systems monitors every member of their cleaning crew to ensure you receive reliable, consistent and top quality service

Real-time monitoring of cleaning staffJanitorial Systems proprietary computerized monitoring system monitors over 150 cleaners on-site to ensure clients receive consistent and reliability service. Our on-site and computerized monitoring programs are second to none in the industry today.

Communication accounts for over 95% of the service interruptions that occur in the industry, and all the problems leading to service interruption are easily manageable if appropriate information and communications channels are available to ensure successful resolution of outstanding issues.

As well as our service managers and on-call personnel being available 24/7/365, simply by calling our main number and speaking with the real person who answers the phone, all of our cleaners are required to call in to our computerized monitoring system, both when they arrive and when they leave your site. This gives us an inarguable record of exactly how long they are spending in your building. Call display technology and their recorded voice message provide us with all the information required to verify each and every time they clean each and every building.

About the JLS – ‘Janitor Log-in Systems’ ™

Janitorial Systems endeavors to continually be at the leading edge of providing our clients with modern supervision systems called the JLS – ‘Janitor Log-in System’ ™. We help to observe performance, attendance, tardiness, etc. The system is used by Janitorial Service Providers and can be custom modified to suit other industry requirements.

Our system includes:

  • Random inspections by our Operations Management Team
  • Two Telephoned Log-in calls are made from your office into our fully computerized ‘Janitor Log-in System’™
    • Once at each arrival and once at each departure of each cleaning occurrence
    • This continual stream of log-in evidence incoming from each of our clients’ facilities enables us to verify each janitors’ location attendance & actual time spent cleaning
  • Our Janitors sign off the ‘agreed work list’ at each cleaning occurrence, we insert the work list in our ‘work list/communication service book’ which in turn is placed at your office space for all to see.

These three combined supervisory strategies work in concert so as to raise the accountability standard of our industry.

If you would like to know more about this unique and industry-leading system, please contact us to arrange a custom cleaning proposal for your facility and an overview of how we can help you.