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Current Janitorial Assessment

Companies having a requiremnt to have their Present Day Janitorial Serivces Anlaized from time to time, hoave found a Valuable Resource in Janitorial Systems. Please feel free to call any time to have an in-depth look at the janitorial service which you are currently paying for.

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This complimentary analysis service provides user with the following information:

  1. The work-list intended to be completed: Should it be modified to more accurately  suite your facility use?
  2. Workmanship standard performing the agreed work-list:Should workers have upgrade training?
  3. Supervision strategy to ensure execution of the work-list:Should modern technology be integrated such as LOG-IN-SYSTEMS?
  4. Products and Equipment:Should the materials and products used to complete the work be modernized?
  5. WCB & Liability:Are all the workers WCB covered?
  6. Emergencies:Should your service privder implement Modern Methods to deal with Emergency situations?
  7. Service Fees:Should the service fee be adjusted to more fairly compensate for actual work accomplished?
  8. Specialty Services:Is your provider providing services that is outside their expertise?


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