Washroom Hygiene

Washroom Cleaning Service

Professional janitorial bathroom cleaning services

Professional bathroom cleaningFor over 30 years, Janitorial Systems has been serving commercial and industrial businesses with Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Janitorial Systems is the only cleaning company in Edmonton to use a computerized real-time monitoring system to ensure facilities are being cleaned properly and on-time. Edmonton businesses trust Janitorial Systems because of their reliable staff and service.

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When is comes to washroom cleaning services, here are some of the standard services you can expect:

  • Clean and disinfect bathroom
  • Clean inside and outside of toilets
  • Clean mirror, counter top and edges
  • Clean paper towel dispenser
  • Wipe door handle’s inside and outside
  • Mop floor
  • Polish all stainless steel
  • Sweep floor
  • Stock toilet paper, hand towels, and hand soap in dispenser
  • Disinfect sinks
  • Empty and resupply bags in trash receptacle

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company to clean your commercial office space multiple times a week, contact Janitorial Systems. We’ll show you how we different and why we’re one of Edmonton’s oldest cleaning companies.